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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> all of the hoopla with gun laws as a result of the second amendment written how long ago? were there semite automatic guns back then did anybody think founding fathers may have written it differently for these weapons back then? >> i have not heard changing day right to bear arms but just the kind. >> perhaps gun control advocates can explain how chicago with the stringent laws on the planet had more than 500 homicides 2012. gerri: mayor bloomberg strikes again and you began to take effect, a first the soda on what kind of cups you can use, announcing
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backing a styrofoam base and and says it will get in your closer to his goal of recycling one-third of the trash. restaurant owners up in arms feeling attacked. you are our mayor not our daddy. you have got to stop. that is my $0.2. have a great weekend. >> good evening, we are now looking at pictures of a live shot of boston expected to be the epicenter of the blizzard hitting this our most bracing for the effect
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of the potentially deadly blizzard some areas expecting 3 feet of snow we will have full coverage. among the stories vice president by then declares the government has the power to decide what kind of guns citizens may own. we will examine the historic role in the obamacare obtain and chicago police show a worsening wave of crime and now the murder capital of america, police asking for the 12 percent raise. but we will begin with a massive snowstorm affecting 50 million people blizzard warnings are in effect means through new york city in some locations are expecting between two and 3 feet and
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not expected to dissipate until sunday. officials asking everyone but the essential public workers to remain at home and governors of new york york, massachusetts and connecticut and rhode island already declared states of emergency, widespread power failures are expected including flooding in the high tide, airlines have canceled 4,000 flights through sunday and amtrak has suspended all train service until further notice any urologists are comparing this to the 130 years ago, 1978 -- 30 years ago ago, 27 inches in providence and the aftermath was devastating.
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that killed 99 people and more than 4500 were injured. the impact was so widespread that president carter declared federal disaster areas sending in the national guard was cleanup it caused half a billion dollars in damages. we have a team coverage tonight, the brady -- braving though whether. starting in the york city. >> you asked me earlier if i was ready, fortunately i am but the warnings came out two days ago. if you don't have it by now now, it's too late. no better picture than this literally covering the entire northeast corridor.
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although many people got what they needed groceries, prescriptions, gu est in their car, it will be treacherous, and the airlines are not traveling anywhere, 5,000 flights canceled and the impact will be felt for days to come. amtrak shuts down early this afternoon leaving travelers stranded and advising people tuesday point*. there is concern they get it right, governor cuomo had this to say. >> the new york power authority has extra personnel on duty to help with power outages.
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this is a serious, severe winter storm, we just went through a terrible storms with hurricane sandy, not anticipating anything like that, that is the good news. >> the national guard is out. people should check the elderly to make sure people are okay. charge your cellphone now and take it seriously, possibly for the record books. lou: reporting from midtown manhattan, now let's go to boston, mali, there is the travel ban? >> there is quite a few cars
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it has gotten so much worse the wind has picked up in and this note if people did not know about the ban by this time people are really staying off the road is in place for non-essential, not even become a firefighter firefighter, the medical field, a plow driver than the governor asks to stay home and don't contribute to any problems leading to first responders having to work. you could face or jail time. this is a historic storm come up to 3 feet of snow, high wind, power outages, low visibility. also high tide expected 10:00 p.m. tonight
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especially those in end low-lying areas. >> listen to directions from public officials if you are in a coastal area if you were advised to evacuate, do so quickly because water can rise quickly. >> also getting reports around the region expected to get worse overnight to and most people will be hunkered down, tomorrow the governor and other employees could assess the damage to get the power lines back up and running. to checkout neighborhoods and be careful they don't know what is under the snow
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and the possibility wires could be covered. lou: the wind is starting to pick up. what is the governor's plan when the storm comes to my clothes? >> assess damage. right now six or 7 inches they could easily have another foot or 16 inches to figure where to put the snow. these numbers have not been seen for decades. if people do stay off the roads, the plows, utility workers can get to where they need to be, hopefully getting lights and heat turned back on as quickly as possible. lou: molly at the epicenter
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in boston. the storm is strengthening, let's go to our weather center with fox news meteorologist coming he is not ready but we will go back in just a moment. and the comparison to this superstorm of 1978 is based on the geographical area, i do stand now rick is ready. >> the main event is about ready to get going. the big coastal storm that is strengthening, it it will pull in the energy of the other system they will get together to see a rapid strengthening to see the
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snowfall rates really increase. yellow and red is heavy rainfall -- rainfall but then will be a snowfall with the band that will be the heaviest, notice this break with new jersey and new york there is heavy snow to come back and within the next hour we will fill this id and will become also no. very cold into tomorrow and that slush on the ground is freezing with snow on top of it. by tomorrow afternoon everybody here cold temperatures, of windy and cold night tomorrow with a
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long stretch to see bad travel conditions, a sunday is a better -- better day and monday will help a little bit with 40 degrees. lou: and already looks better behind you. any adjustments of snowfall? >> all along the on the big question is toward the york city some 30 inches we are right on that line so york will get another seven or 8 inches but we will see those individual areas with
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the b3 feet totals. lou: that is a lot of snow we will keep updated on the wicked whether. president did farewell to leon panetta one day after he testified to congress the president was a wall the night of the benghazi attacks. the real estate market showing signs of the economy -- recovery where is the bargains and the cheap money? stay with us. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>> the nasdaq at the highest close since november of 2,000, and volume down to 2.9 billion shares. the dow jones industrials breaking the five week win streak, and s&p and nasdaq, however, squeaked out gaining exteemedding the winning streak to six weeks. this is the first six week
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winning streak for the s&p since 1971. linkedin with an all-time high, up 21%. aol up 7.5%, apple up 1.5%, and crude and oil closer lower, oil, the worst weakly performance since the end of november. ten-year treasury unchanged, a yield of 1 #.95%. well, here on fox business, we've been focusing on the real estate story throughout the day as the housing market recovers. we've been spotlighting homes for sale across the country to give you an idea of what's happening in various parts of the country including some very high end homes. looking at a 2.4 billion property getting you a 1900 square foot apartment, 20% down, and the monthly mortgage payment is $7,000 plus $1500 in monthly
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property taxes, properties of all prices and places fascinate the next guest who expects the market to make a strong contribution to economic growth this year. joining us is dr. lawrence, senior vice president of research for the national association of realtors. good to have you with us. >> good evening. lou: this market looks like it's really recovering. give us a sense, as best you can, how strong it is nationwide. >> well, the strength of the recovery is much stronger than many people anticipated, and we are basically seeing the housing start up roughly 25% from one year before, and i think that for 2013, it could be a bigger increase because we are encountering some housing shortage. home sales running roughly 10% higher from one year before, and the inventory level came down to a 13-year low level, and because of the low draw down in
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inventory, one is seeing a consistent price increases, and these price increases have added $1 trillion to household wealth who are homeowners. lou: well, adding a trillion dollars, we still got a ways to go in this market to get us back to, well, pre-2008 levels. the idea that this -- that we're seeing this resurgence though, is it -- you talk about low inventory. do we have low inventory across all price ranges, or is it isolated? >> it is predominantly in the lower price range because what has happenedded is that given the very low yield on cash return, money sitting at the bank or people buying bonds, many of the investors have turned towards rental income, and for rental income, they are looking for the signaler sized home, more of a bargain price. it is more of an acute shortage of inventory on the lowwr price
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ends. on the upper end, the market was a buyer's market one year ago, but now roughly in balance, but primarily on the lower price end where investors came in, all cash, not doing the mortgage, all cash, coming in, scooping up the properties. lou: now all cash works better, if you will, at the top end of the market where one expects that kind of money, but for those who are looking for homes at the lower end of the market, they need credit, and that credit we keep hearing stories of how constricted, still, credit is for those who need it to buy a home. >> you are absolutely right. the credit condition is still overly stringent. if you look at the credit scores of those approved on a loan, it is much higher than even under normal years. less discount in the bubble years, lax underwriting or
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undocumented loans. compared to ten years ago, normal underwriting standards, today, the credit score requirement is tighter and somewhat puzzling giving the huge cash reserve that the banking industry is holding on to. now, they are saying there's too much lawsuit, regulatory uncertainty holding back some of the lending potential, but you had many potentially good renters, financially qualified renters who could become homeowners and participate in the house wealth buildup, yet, they are denied a mortgage and, rather, you have investors who already own a home scooping up those bargain properties. lou: lawrence, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: up next, the president's choice to run the cia defending the obama administration's drones and targeted killings. leading attorneys join us to tell us where is the constitution in all of this? yemen accuses iran of arming
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insurgents after weapons are seized and explosives. fox news terrorism analyst joins me next. ♪
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lou: russian design sam two and sam three antiaircraft missiles c4 high explosives material found off a ship off the northern yemen coast. that shipment originated in iran. coordinated with the navy, and mike rogers tells fox it's part of a broader pattern to destabilize the region. joining us, middle east and terrorism analysts dr. ferris. they are caught red-handed here while they -- why is the united states not responding and responding strongly? >> well, first of all, this is not really the first time the
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iranian regime sent shipments of weapons as far as yemen, northern yemen. they went, imagine all i way through iran to the arabian peninsula, the international waters to get ton an enclave in northern yemen, far from the gulf where we are supposed to be containing them, and that is telling about what iran is doing. that is telling us that our containment policy, the sanctions that we have right now are not really detouring the iranians. it's in bahrain, uae, iraq, and even in other countries in the red sea area. lou: and, of course, it is nothing new, as you say irrespective of the distance traveled issue and it was a short distance from teheran to baghdad, but in that span, we know iranians were killing american troops and did so throughout the war. there was no response. how can it be that a super
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power, this country, would allow such travesty without response? whether it's the bush administration or the obama administration. >> the problem, lou, is that under the bush administration, it was basically putting pressure on the iranians. we were present in iraq. we tried to contain hezbollah. we had u.n. resolutions against hezbollah and lebanon. it was not efficient. in the obama administration, there's disengagement, connect the dots, sending away from the gulf half of the task force, sending messages to the leadership of the iranians not to reform, but to engage with us. we are not helping the iraqis who are rising against iranian influence. iran is sending weapons and also its own guarded in syria to help crush its own opposition. while we are claiming our sanctions are working, iran is all over the map, and more recently, lou, two things. iranian navy has facilities on
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the coast in the ports on the red sea, and port sudan. their navy crushed the suez canal with the help of the muslim brotherhood in egypt. it's problematic now. >> what you are saying is that the united states national security architecture is incapable of formulating a response to the adventurism, if you will, of iran and the extent of itself interest in the region. if that's the case, it's beyond the political judgments made by this president. it goes much deeper, much broader than that the way i hear you describing it. >> oh, absolutely, lou. look, the decision already made in the past four years to engage the iranian leadership, and that decision has a price. they think that if you want to engage them, you will not confront them anymore. you will not confront them in syria, iraq, bahrain, and yes , ma'am, --
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yemen, and elsewhere. there's a direct threat in venezuela, mexico, and elsewhere so the result of the policy with regard to iran allows the iranian regime to be a bigger problem that we cannot solve within this point in time. lou: within that context, john brennan to be the head of the cia. we listened to the outgoing defense secretary, panetta, say that the president of the united states and the secretary of state were not involved in the entire period in washington, d.c. in the -- in the benghazi attack, acknowledging for the first time. we have some -- first, your reaction to that revelation by secretary panetta. >> well, first of all, what seems to be the problem is the decision by the administration not to identify the threat before they strike. that's huge. meaning in libya, according to the cables we read, we did not
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see that this is a threat, and if we don't see that this is a threat, we don't actually -- we are not prepared. lou: i have to say that we don't see that as a threat when we watched the british embassy be bombed, the british ambassador attacked, watched the international red cross withdrawal from benghazi, what -- how large a tyke would be writ in order for us to get the message? this is 5 -- a frightening, frightening episode. >> we're not looking at the ideology of the guys. they are the basic attitude that we consider them as hostiles, and be aware that they may attack us. now, once they attacked us, that's why they were looking at all other -- lou: i'm out of time, but what's your reaction to the revelations about the secretary of state and the president of the united states? >> i think, look, my summarized position is that they are two policies now.
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they were two managements of foreign policy. one low level, and a different one strategic going out of the white house, and many thinks the white house had at the time objectives not really informed at the security council on the one hand or the state department. lou: let me ask you just straight up, yes or no. were you disappointed or disgusted at the conduct of the president of the united states and the secretary of state? >> i think that by trying to put this on the video, this was a diversion from what was happening on the ground, and they tried not to inform the american public before the elections. i think that's the con consensuf most of us, those of us who know what the jihadists were trying to do. lou: thank you for being with us. more on the rising tensionings in -- tensions in the middle east and president obama's response with the a-team next. the northeast hit by another big
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storm. in fact, a record storm. the blizzard update is next. bush whacked or hacked, however you want to say it, the bush family photos and secret e-mails of the former first family released on the internet. the secret service says it's on it. joe biden's at it again. here we go. the vice president on the second amendment. he so far gone this time, we brought in two attorneys, author and jenkins give us perspective on the vice president. ♪ er to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading .
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siemens. answers.
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lou: another look at the radar on the winter storm hitting the northeastern part of the country, that is expected to dump 3 feet of snow the governors of new york, connecticut,
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massachus etts, rhode island have ordered a state of emergency was blizzard warnings went at 70 miles per hour also wipe out conditions are expected and major snowdrifts it will be quite a night or this storm is unleashing its powers. chicago police officers demanding pay, the policemen's union in addition to seeking 12 percent pay hike wants to be paid extra money because they are required to live in the city suggesting a $3,000 stipend mayor ron emmanuel said they will all represent the taxpayers and what they can afford. lou: they have 27 million of unfunded pension liabilities and budget problems to go
7:38 pm
along with the political problems. vice president by been pushed democrats hard on gun-control telling the democratic party retreat he is steadfast the government can declare your guns illegal. >> it is recognized without a doubt, a clearly within the power of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public. lou: not the citizens that it prohibits a and limits the government and is intent on infringing our rights to bear arms joining us now is arthur, attorney and criminal prosecutor, can you
7:39 pm
believe the vice president relegated us the members of the public? >> i took it to be american citizens, i did not make that distinction, i think it is a matter of speech. lou: so it seems that you might agree? >> he is right to a certain extent look at what the supreme court said justice scalia said it does not mean you have the right to bear any type of weapon at any given time, there are limits >> fifth vice president by dint maybe his oratory
7:40 pm
skills are not at the top it did not make any sense so be that as it may, here is the case law, justice scalia and bided are probably not on the same page too often, they say it is the lot of silly and. justice leo said under due process is every state but the state can regulate you cannot have the f-15 fighter plane you cannot have a bazooka or hand grenade. >> but it was about handguns
7:41 pm
>> the president and dianne feinstein talk about handguns and is ruled in chicago the toughest surviving handgun law, enough already. they will not tell the american people what to do as long as we are possessed of the second amendment. of the government can encroach the second, fourth, 14th second, fourth, 14th, firs t, where does a and? >> the next conversation is the drones. lou: this same administration sending drones nobody hates the radical islamic terrorist more than i do or to kill them if they are an american citizen i do not want rights suspended but a judicial proceeding and a finding to kill that person.
7:42 pm
>> bandstand. the argument is that slows down the process we heard a couple of factors that has to be of imminent threat. lou: against the interest of united states, a very simple but we talk about those instances there is that a judicial proceeding we talk about those that are not imminent. for those who have a knee-jerk reaction, janet hippolyta on know, 2011 had a potential threat of terrorism, right wean extremism, and veterans, a pro-life, states' rights as
7:43 pm
a potential terrorist would be in the same process as they would act against the inference of the united states. are you kidding me? we give them that power? >> when you talk about people on the mainland and you go after them without due process but whoever is in charge, do we .25 young men, americans, to capture this american? lou: i am not suggesting that, i suggest there is a
7:44 pm
judicial proceeding. >> you are right, you just watched a hearing washington d.c., the former secretary of defense, chairman of joint chiefs abetted the secretary of state was not even engaged in benghazi we did not respond and lindsay gramm brought out extraordinary testimony not knowing how long it would take did not respond and you would give the same people the power without a process? >> it should never be done. >> this is absolutely incompetent leadership.
7:45 pm
>> just like trade on margin. i was justified to kill this person but the difference is the government proves but now it doesn't. >> nobody wants to deal with this, we want the cia to handle this we don't want, let me rephrase those who are better occupied intriguing but what the president involved because we have a different world now with political offices and the white house and you
7:46 pm
cannot tell what is preeminent republican or democrat. >> the concern is the timing for those who have determined to be those who propose the imminent threat. lou: every citizen in this country should be comfortable the drones are flying over? >>. >>. >> this is the ramifications >> as an american citizen you are entitled. >> they blew the guy away without due process. lou: which by? >> the drones the american citizen and that was killed.
7:47 pm
lou: i want attorneys representing members of the public who prefer to be called citizens representing or rights insisting on law and order this is not lawful we're becoming something other than americans and they're really think it is time for both parties to understand to c-net thinking and conduct of our government. [applause] [laughter] former prosecutor who convicted the blind shake, k.t. mcfarland with a brand-new radio show will be with us. get the links of the base the page lou the
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president tells fellow democrats hejaz support on spending and taxes and gun control. the "a team" has a different view.
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lou: former special assistant market stayed and jetted diana and john fund, thank you for being here. continue the conversation of the drums. want to redo with american citizens? >> due process. to make the eighth distinction between american citizen in those or not you're doing something wrong absolutely.
7:52 pm
barack obama better be held accountable. you could bet it is the mainstream headline with every outlet. lou: the president you work for the media is going nuts over enhanced interrogation techniques, water boarding and this president kills american citizens and everybody says okay, next. >> barack obama has gone further than president george w. bush ever did this killing people with the drones but killing american citizens without due process as a lawyer i think those who have no respect, shame on you. >> george orwell wrote animal farm the famous phrase some page are more
7:53 pm
equal than others may be some citizens are more equal than others. lou: joe biden referring to the public's right purses a citizen's right to, this is nasty. >> a collectivist mindset they don't see us as individuals as a collectivist society redistribution of wealth let me take your money and give it to someone else. >> socialism? collectivism. >> may be a community organizer. [laughter] spirit the constitution gave power to the people and the people gave the power to the
7:54 pm
government but this administration thinks they are the government and have the power. lou: we will be back. stay with us. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and make your business dream a reality. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeoers insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk.
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lou: back with a few comments from the a-team, jedediah your thoughts. >> i'm not so sure a free society survives when obamacare passed i started to worry, you can mandate someone has to have health chunks, -- insurance, i saw slippery slope i'm worried. >> i agree. vice president of u.s. said that president should have power to mandate which weapons and guns that citizens can own, when it is going to end. >> remember what churchill said we'll do the right thing, but first we must exhaust all possibilities, we're getting close, there may be a awakening
7:58 pm
it will start with recession come box in the summer. lou: i worry that church hill, who anticipated so much did not anticipate in exhausting all possibilities we could exhaust our wealth, legacy and perhaps destiny. thank you, all i appreciate it. >> thank you for being with us, we hope have you a safe, and good weekend, see you monday. good night from new york.
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